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Since 2012, we have been using a combination of professional expertise, compassionate care, and play in a natural learning environment to help your child reach key milestones and form meaningful relationships.

We provide ABA therapy, an Inclusive Preschool / Kindergarten, and Speech therapy in individual and group settings. In home, at our center, or virtually, our team of experienced therapists work to develop behavior regulation, communication, social, academic, language proficiency, self-help, and play skills.

We help children of all abilities reach their full potential

We help children of all abilities reach their full potential

Learn how we help all children build skills for life.

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Using ABA Therapy

Through ABA Therapy, Inclusive Preschool / Kindergarten Classrooms, and Speech Therapy

Find out how ABA therapy will benefit your child and family.

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Through a personalized treatment program

Guided by personalized, flexible, and natural treatment programs

We cater to each child’s unique learning style with their own perfect combination of our many programs and services.

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Designed by caring and experienced ABA therapists

Designed by experienced and caring therapists

To work with us, therapists must have experience in autism-related treatment services and a passion for children.

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With an emphasis on family and caregiver inclusion

Either in-home, at our center, or virtual

We will work with your family to fit your needs and your location. Discover how and why we stay flexible with families.

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Spark Learning has been critical to my son’s progress and success. The therapists helped us develop a dynamic, yet consistent program for school and home—and they’ve been there for us every step and bump of the way.

We’re here to help!

Whether you are just getting started or need a fresh approach we are here to help you and your child start seeing progress. We are dedicated to providing each child with the structure, care, and patience required for learning.

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