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Individualized ABA Therapy

Individual ABA Therapy

Everyone learns differently, and many children need the care, guidance and support that comes with one-on-one learning. Our individualized ABA therapy can give your child focused attention to work on their developmental goals.

Spark One-to-One helps many of our clients:

  • Improve their communication
  • Reduce challenging behavior
  • Increase appropriate behavior
  • Become more independent
  • Learn how to play
  • Develop social skills

Schedule & Setting

At our learning center, your child will receive individual attention, while surrounded by other children and will have opportunities to interact with them each day.

To ensure high-quality individual care that delivers results, our ABA therapy team designs a personalized treatment plan for each child and works with parents to establish a weekly schedule. This is our most flexible program and can be delivered at home or in our cozy, home-like learning center.

Many Spark kids benefit from a mix of programming, with some individualized therapy and some group therapy. During your child’s consultation, we can discuss their learning style and needs to build a perfectly personalized plan for success.

Additional Services

We have a variety of additional services and options to tailor each child’s learning experience and meet your family’s needs. Here are some specific circumstances we are able to help with:

Early Intervention
For children who come to Spark for early intervention, we integrate learning goals into play using incidental teaching methods. Visual aids, prompts and reinforcement are powerful educational tools for young children.

Behavior Intervention Plans
Spark kids who struggle with challenging behavior, are provided a Behavior Intention Plan (BIP), designed by their BCBA. After an assessment, they’ll determine how best to address the problem behavior. For consistency and efficacy, we offer training to all caregivers on how to implement the BIP.

School Services
Our team provides intervention in classrooms to help children learn alongside their peers in a general education environment.

In-Home Services
For children who have specific goals to address at home or would learn better in their personal safe-haven, we can bring Spark Learning to you. We strongly encourage family involvement during all in-home sessions.

Functional Behavior Assessments
For clients and non-clients alike, Spark conducts Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) to help determine why the challenging behavior is occurring and design appropriate interventions. An FBA includes direct observation of the child at school and/or home, a review of records and interviews with parents,caregivers and/or teachers After identifying why the behavior is occurring a BCBA will develop a behavior intervention plan to reduce the challenging behavior and teach replacement skills. The BCBA will provide ongoing support and training for effective implementation.

Admission, Removal, Dismissal Meetings (ARD)
Your assigned BCBA will review your child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) and make recommendations and suggestions. If desired, they will also attend your Admission, Removal, Dismissal (ARD) meeting and help talk through recommendations with the school as appropriate.

To ensure our children are successful in all environments, our BCBAs regularly collaborate and consult with classroom teachers, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, coaches, and other service providers. BCBAs conduct observations as needed and provide recommendations, training, and in-the-moment support.

Parent Training and Involvement
Parents are always encouraged to take an active role in their child’s therapy. We have an open-door policy and welcome parents and caregivers to attend therapy sessions anytime they are able. Your BCBA will make a recommendation for how often a parent or caregiver should join in.

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