developing language, behavior, and social skills
Why Spark?

Word on the Street

“The Spark team is skilled in dealing with a variety of behavioral problems, regardless of a child's diagnosis (or lack thereof). Our six-year-old son is highly gifted and has struggled with a number of social/behavioral issues. Through his work with Mimi and Kristen in group and individual sessions, we've seen tremendous progress in his relationships with others and his overall behavior. They've also armed us with strategies and tools that have helped make parenting our challenging child a little less stressful.”

— Laura

“Spark Learning has been critical to my son’s progress and success. The therapists helped us develop a dynamic, yet consistent program for school and home—and they’ve been there for us every step and bump of the way. Kristen and Mimi have been caring and supportive, and we are incredibly grateful for them!”

— Vilma

“The therapists at Spark Learning have exceeded my expectations for ABA therapy. In a few short months, I have seen improvement in my son's ability to communicate his needs and wants, in addition to responding to requests and understanding limitations. My son is also learning ways to interact with other children. As a parent, I have gained many valuable strategies for working with my son. Spark’s therapists are very knowledgeable and offer suggestions and materials to help at home. I couldn't be happier with the therapy that we receive from Spark Learning!”

— Marcy Seijas

“My son Lukas was diagnosed with Asperger's at the end of 4th grade, because he was displaying some social and emotional issues. At that time, we began seeing a therapist with experience working in this area. After six months of weekly sessions, we saw no improvement. In fact, in many ways my son's inability to process emotions and move forward seemed to worsen. I resolved to find more resources, and my search led me to Kristen Rakun and ABA therapy.

We have been working with Kristen and Spark Learning for almost a year now, and the results have had such a positive impact on my son and our entire family. Spark’s therapists focus their sessions on what Lukas can do to impact a situation, which I believe makes him feel a sense of control. They are so patient, often reviewing the material multiple times during a session and multiple times a month. That repetition makes the skills stick with him. I especially appreciate the extra care Spark Learning has taken to understand the nuances of our shared custody situation, and blended family, and work to integrate those factors into Lukas' therapy.

A few specifics: I would estimate that last spring Lukas' before-school routine was not on track (meaning he was not self-sufficient), and he complained fifty to seventy-five percent of the time. This fall he is managing himself and his belongings, and he even leaves for the bus stop on time without assistance or complaint. Homework used to be a struggle every— and I mean every—afternoon. Spark Learning worked with Lukas on what is expected for a 6th grader, and he now understands what he needs to do, expresses himself properly when he needs a break or some help, and otherwise he is doing his homework independently.

I can't say enough about Kristen and the therapists at Spark Learning!”

— Theresa Bastian

“We have worked with Kristen for about two and a half years now. She has made a huge difference in our son's abilities. One of the biggest areas he's made improvement in is his conversation skills. When he was young he had almost entirely echolalic speech (which for him meant he just repeated things others said or recited memorized books/tv shows). He never ever asked questions or made comments about things others said. Kristen was able to break down components of conversations to a very basic level then build onto it in a very understandable way for him.

Previously, we had done speech therapy (with a good therapist!) for a couple of years, and I think our son made more gains in the first six months with Spark Learning than in two years of speech therapy! He can now ask questions, make comments, and have pretty decent conversations with our family and kids at school. He always has fun at therapy, and uses the new skills almost immediately.

Kristen has also been incredibly helpful by working with us when problems arise at school, coaching our son through a bout of major anxiety when school got too difficult, and giving him understandable solutions and tools that are easy for us and our son to use. We've also had great success with play dates with our son’s peers and community outings with Kristen.

Kristen is also very talented in reading our son and keeping a good balance between challenging him and teaching new things, while not creating stress for him at the same time. She keeps therapy fun and positive, even when things are very difficult for our son to master. It's improved all of our lives immensely.”

— Jacquie