developing language, behavior, and social skills
Why Spark?

Family Involvement

At Spark we know that consistency is essential to every child’s progress, which is why we encourage you and your family (the whole family!) to participate in your child’s therapy.

Parent/Caregiver Involvement

We dedicate time at the end of each session to work directly with you and your child. During this time, you will observe how the Spark Team interacts with your child and learn strategies to help your child succeed at home and in the community. At Spark One-to-One, we invite you to stay for the duration of each therapy session if you’d like.

Sibling Involvement

Siblings are a natural part of your child’s everyday life which is why we often include them in our sessions. Through this approach your children can learn:

We also invite siblings to be part of our group based social skills sessions as peer models. During this time our therapists include siblings to work on appropriate interactions and play. Through this approach we have seen many children bond with each other and form friendships.