developing language, behavior, and social skills
Why Spark?

Approach to Therapy

At Spark Learning, we recognize that no two children are the same. Our therapists set goals based on the needs of each Spark Student, create a personalized treatment plan, and make learning as natural as possible. We are proud of our flexible approach to therapy—because it works.

Teaching Strategies

There are a variety of teaching strategies that utilize the principles of ABA. Here are just a few evidence based strategies Spark uses:

  • Visual supports
  • Self-monitoring
  • Video modeling
  • Functional communication training
  • Natural environment teaching
  • Antecedent interventions
  • Social stories
  • Incidental teaching
  • Peer modeling
  • Discrete trial training

Employment Practices

Spark Learning only employs therapists with education-based master’s degrees and/or extensive experience delivering autism-related services.

While many other providers hire and train people with minimal experience, our employment policy helps us maintain high-quality services and low employee turnover. This allows us to develop strong relationships with Spark Students and their families.